We offer unmatched access to your doctor. Because your family’s health doesn’t follow a schedule.

Services Included in Our Monthly Fee

Unlimited Access to Your Doctor

We’re available after hours, weekends, and holidays. Because your needs don’t always wait for office hours. Connect anytime for consultation or scheduling by phone or online.

No-Hurry Relaxed Visits

Your appointments won’t feel rushed, and every question of yours will find its time. The relationship with your doctor strengthens as you gain clarity over time about your health and treatments. This is the essence of individualized healthcare.

Appointments for Today or Tomorrow

We allocate time specifically for a limited set of patients, ensuring you never feel like just another entry on the list. You’re valued, and it will show.

Cost-Effective Labs and Medication

We pass on our cost benefits to you. Every expense will be clear before you are charged.

Contact Anytime 24/7 via Tech

Stay connected with us and access your medical records anytime via internet, video call, e-mail and text.

Tailored Yearly Health Check-up

This examination is molded to fit your unique health needs. It revolves around you, focusing on your specific health objectives. A thorough physical exam will be conducted, with necessary tests ordered. We’ll also ensure you are current on all essential health screenings.

Basic Labs and Procedures

Services like cryotherapy and skin biopsies are covered in your membership charge. If any service comes with an added cost, you’ll be informed upfront. Specialized labs and processes might attract additional charges, but as a member, you get them at a reduced rate.

Coordination with Specialists

Should you need specialized medical attention, Dr. Clark will collaborate with the respective expert. Being unaffiliated with Ballad and local healthcare systems ensures that decisions are made mutually and with your best interest at heart.


Our practice performs many services typically performed by family doctors, urgent care, or even at minor emergency room visits. Below is a list of some of the procedures we offer:

  • IV Fluid Therapy
  • Breathing Treatments
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Cryotherapy
  • Ingrown Toenail Correction/Removal
  • Foreign Body Removal from Skin, Eyes and Ears
  • Simple Burn Care
  • Sports Physicals

Some additional procedures may be available as at a small added cost for supplies such as splints, cast shoes, IV solutions,  or others as are needed. There will be also be external costs for things like X-rays, ultrasounds, or sending skin biopsies to the laboratory for further testing.

Any additional costs are always discussed and agreed to in advance. Our goal is to over an all-inclusive membership where any additional costs are passed-along at direct rates.

Please contact us today for more information about in-office procedures.


Primary care medicine forms the cornerstone of optimal health and well-being, and a deep connection with one’s primary care provider amplifies the likelihood of achieving wellness. Regrettably, today’s healthcare landscape doesn’t always prioritize holistic well-being, nor does it foster a personal bond between patients and their caregivers.

Black Bag Family Healthcare stands apart. Our mission is to enhance your health by reestablishing the revered bond between caregiver and patient. We dedicate the time to truly understand you, discern your health priorities, and craft personalized wellness strategies and suitable treatments that are jointly decided upon. We eagerly anticipate establishing a relationship with you and are honored by the confidence you place in us to look after both you and your loved ones.

Additional charges may apply for procedures, tests, labs, etc. Those costs will be discussed with the patient before administration.